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We offer a selection of high quality drain services to domestic and commercial customers throughout Louth, Meath, Monaghan and Dublin.

As one of the North East’s leading drain companies, each member of our highly skilled team has extensive experience in each service offered and are trained to use the relevant technology to get the job done. Our results speak for themselves!


Home Buyers Drain Survey

We know every minute counts when purchasing a new home or selling one so we can provide you or your mortgage provider a structural surveyor with a Home Buyers drainage report at short notice.

This can be emailed to you for quick viewing on contract exchange.

A standard building surveyor will only carry out a full building survey to check that the property is structurally sound. When it comes to the drains, the surveyor that you instructed will only lift the drain covers to inspect the condition of the manhole but he or she cannot be certain of any defects within the drainage system below ground because they do not have the specialist equipment.

Without a homebuyer CCTV survey there could be various problems within the drainage system including blockages, bad pipe work i.e. fractures, collapsed pipes or displaced joints and root intrusions etc. These could lead to further problems such as loss of water into the surrounding area leading to subsidence.


Drain Tests

While a CCTV survey will identify visible structural defects in the drain, a drain test can be provided & will tell you if the drains and manholes are watertight. Using hydrostatic (water) or air testing methodologies, ADC Drains will test the system in accordance with IS EN 1610 and produce a detailed report on completion. The escape of water from the drainage system can lead to structural problems and even deterioration of the drainage system itself.


Septic Tank and Treatment System Surveys

ADC Drains Wastewater Technical Services Team specialise in the surveying and maintenance of these systems. We will determine the condition of the system and identify any problems which may be of concern for the EPA or local authority. If a pump out is required ADC Drains can arrange for this to be carried out (all waste taken for certified disposal). A report will be produced on completion.


Service & Price Details

If you do not consider a Home Buyers drain survey and problems are discovered after you bought the property, you may have difficulty in finding an insurer that will pay for the remedial work or go back to the vendor to negotiate the price for the repairs.  A home buyers survey will simply avoid these problems.

If there are any repairs found in the Home Buyers Drainage Survey report it may be possible to negotiate the cost of repair of the property purchase price.

This ensures that our engineers that attend your property to carry out the CCTV drain survey know what they are doing, which allows them to produce a detailed report using the latest drainage software from Wincan to identify faults within the drainage system.

If any problems are found our dedicated team can fix them for you.

Benefits of Our Home Buyers Drain Survey

• Fixed prices
• No call out charges
• Drainage Report emailed for viewed on one drive.
• Survey and report can be placed on usb stick.
• Vehicles have their own electricity and water equipped
• If required, keys can be picked up from the estate agents
• Any defects can be verbally reported at the time of the survey if requested
• Knowledge that the system will be in good working order, giving you peace of mind
• If manholes are accessible from outside; survey can be carried out with no one home

  • Fixed Prices
  • Free Estimates
  • No Call Out Charge
  • Fully Insured & Accredited
  • Quick Response Time
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

Detailed Reports

Whichever survey option you require, ADC Drains will provide detailed, professional reports with recommendations for any necessary repairs. We can provide quotations for any repairs and our specialist drain repair team can get the job done.

What Our Customers Say

Delighted we decided to go ahead and get a survey done before buying our home. ADC did an extensive analysis and made us aware of a small but fixable problem. I would recommend to anyone looking for that extra peace of mind.

Home owner, Dublin

Installation of Grease Traps

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) along with food and detergents are one of the most common causes of drainage system problems. They cause blockages in the drain, soakaways and lead to further problems in onsite wastewater and treatment systems. We recommend that a grease trap be installed and maintained at your home to prevent problems associated with FOG in the drainage system.

Once you have decided upon whatever make or model grease trap is required for your premises, ADC Drains specialist drain repair crews are available to install it whatever make or model grease trap is required for your home.and will ensure that it is done correctly first time. We can also carry out repairs to your existing system or replace/upgrade it if required.


How it Operates
  1. Filtering bucket handle extends over the water level for hygienic reasons.
  2. Grease solidifies at the surface of the water in the main chamber.
  3. Perforated holes in the bucket to allow water to pass freely but at the same time retaining waste solids.
  4. Solids are deposited in the filtering bucket.
  5. When the wastewater enters the grease trap, the grease rises to the top of the water level and eventually solidifies to form a hard layer at the surface. The heavier waste solids are deposited in the perforated filtering bucket, which sits firmly at the bottom of the grease trap chamber. Its handle extends past the waste water level to prevent the user from coming into contact with the contents of the grease trap when emptying.
  6. After the wastewater passes through the filtering bucket it then exits the grease trap through an outlet pipe and continues through the drainage system. When necessary the filtering bucket can be removed and the grease and trapped solids can be properly disposed of. It is recommended that the grease trap be inspected regularly to ensure proper maintenance of the system.

Benefits of Having Grease Traps in Your Home

• Find the source of the problem.
• Only flush your toilet once (flushing your clogged toilet a few times will make the problem worse)
• Put on a pair of heavy duty rubber gloves to protect your hands.
• Place towels and newspaper around the toilet to protect your floor.
• Check the water flow is off.
• Squirt soap and hot boiling water into the toilet bowl.
• Use a suitable plunger to do the job.

If these tips do not work it is very important not to overdo it, as you might damage the pipes even more. If you hesitate in any way please feel free to call us straight away as our specialists will be happy to help you out.

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